Saturday, February 7, 2009

Godard's Women

My new goal in life is to dress like the women of Godard's films. I definitely have an unhealthy obsession with Godard, and especially his representations of women, mostly because: 1. I'm a sentimentalist so I really should like Truffaut better (and before summer I thought I did), and 2. Godard is extremely sexist. Godardian women look at themselves more than at others; they are obsessed with mirrors and how the world sees them, they are entirely aware of the power of their sex and their beauty and seem to wink haughtily at the audience.

But BOY do I love their clothes!

That's Brigitte Bardot in Le Mepris, which was my favorite Godard movie and definitely on my top ten list of all time... before today. Today I watched Une femme est une femme and was mesmerised. Not only because of the clothing, but... the color! The cinephiliac references! The style! And I always did love style more than content. It is almost as if Godard had painted the movie. Just beautiful! So powerful and abstract. And Anna Karina! The bright blues and the intense crimsons... that is how I should (and currently, to and extent) dress. Wow do I love this movie, misogynistic and all.


Xenia said...

You are psychic! Are you in New York? I work with ZOOZOOM and we are premiering a Godard-inspired fashion piece in March!

Julia Alekseyeva said...

Wow that's amazing! I can't wait to see it. I am in New York, studying at Columbia. Any other information you have about the fashion piece would be greatly appreciated! Or if there's a possible way to help out (I'm taking a New Wave cinema class)?

It seems everybody's taken an interest in Godard lately... I know Film Forum is showing two lesser known Godard films next week.