Monday, August 24, 2009

Children's Drawings

I'm positively obsessed with this blog right now.

The blog-- named "Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty"-- was founded by a dad to show off the drawings of his three kids: Isaac, Grace, and Lily. The dad is an illustrator, and very often makes it clear how much better his kids are at drawing than most (trained) adults. You know what they say: "The best artists are either children or crazies." If Unica Zurn is the best artist "crazy," then these kids are astounding examples of the former variety. Yet I can't shake away the thought of how normal these kids are, and how, with good guidance from adults, any child can make drawings as fantastic and innovative as these. And I also can't help but think of how much "trained" illustrators lag in comparison to the kid drawings, as if there is an element that cannot be reached after the age of 10. Depressing, almost. Especially when, as in the most recent anniversary entry, illustrators have their work side by side with the kids' work, whose drawings they attempt to emulate. And how boring the professional illustrations are.

My favorites:

And, of course, inspired by my favorite children's book ever (and now an upcoming movie whose soundtrack is being compiled by Karen O and is officially one of the "stuff white people like"):

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