Monday, February 8, 2010

The Keffiyeh

"First it was the hummus war. Then it was the tabouleh war. Now get ready for the keffiyeh war."

(Not to say "good" per se, since it's actually pretty poorly written...) I would recommend reading the comments below for a good fresh daily dose of nihilism. One would think NYT readers would be slightly more open-minded than the average American, but alas...

Apparently some hip Jewish DJs and brooklyn have begun to wear Keffiyehs adorned with stars of David, to keep from identifying with the Palestinian movement. I'm not completely against this; after all, I spent a semester in Europe. Everyone wore a Keffiyeh, even Jews. I bought two. It's a genuine fashion statement, and even in the US, I get compliments about them. It has grown nearly devoid of political statement.

HOWEVER. Nearly devoid of politics is not completely devoid of politics. When I wear a Keffiyeh I am, as a Jew, also supporting the Palestinian movement. It is something political-- and entirely unreligious. Just because I am a certain Matzo-ball, Latke, Gefilte-fish-consuming ethnicity does not make me Zionist in the slightest. I have been to Israel and my views are more complicated, and not entirely unbiased. Everybody should be allowed to wear the clothing they wish (I'm talkin' to YOU, Sarkozy). It's fashion. It's art. Next we won't allow tattoos, piercings, or pendant necklaces (and hey, rabbi from Tzvat, I'm STILL wearing those Ankh earings, years of Egyptian slavery regardless!).

And hey, New York Zionists, Jewish and Gentile social conservatives, you can't take away my keffiyeh. Even if it "offends" you. Two keffiyehs does not a terrorist make.


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