Thursday, July 8, 2010


Ok, so this has officially been the longest lapse in posts since this blog's conception. Well, probably. I didn't really check. Regardless, sorry for the delay. I'm slowly thinking about revamping and re-conceptualizing what this blog is really all about. At this point it's somewhere between xanga, livejournal, and RottenTomatoes, and I'm not really quite sure how I feel about it. The reviews aren't really getting me anywhere, and usually they're just a way of ranting about movies I dislike, or supporting movies I do (which is most of the ones I see, anyway). And since I'll be going to grad school in a bit over a month (eep!) isn't it time to, well, maybe grow up a little?

Since the blog domain is just my first and last name, I suppose I can just have a "this is what I'm up to lately" kind of thing, but that seems a little trite and uninteresting. I can keep it random, but in that case I'd have to update it very often. I see so many movies that writing about all of them, and at least 600 words for each, is getting to be extremely draining (even though a good exercise an worthwhile, etc). I guess the blog could be an update on upcoming projects of mine? For example, I was just published (2 poems) in "Milk Money," a literary journal I know nothing about but that has a very cool cover (see "Vile Pile" cover).

Please let me know if you have any clues on what the heck to do with this blog! Or, you know, with my life.

Another update: the reason I've been slow on the blogging this summer is because of my internship at the Art Institute of Chicago. I'm hesitant to write directly about anything I'm working on (in the Prints and Drawings Department) because I suspect that any mention of the museum or department automatically gets tallied and reviewed by the staff, the way they did at my other Museum internship two Springs ago. Basically, at the Art Institute I've been translating Soviet TASS posters (OKHA TACC: Telegrafnaia Agentsia Sovetskovo Soyuza), which are these beautiful and incredibly moving (and often horrifying) WWII propaganda posters, made to encourage Russian citizens and soldiers to keep up the fight. It's incredibly powerful stuff. I probably can't include any images that aren't on the Museum site, but here's the blog, which I will hopefully start writing for soon (fingers crossed!): TASS BLOG.

I'm absolutely in love with this project. I just hope I don't become desensitized to scathing war propaganda, although I suspect it's slowly been happening!!!

More on the TASS project soon.

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