Monday, July 7, 2008

Explanation, etc.

So you might be wondering: what the heck is this blog about? I don't really write many personal entries, so it isn't necessarily a travel blog or autobiographical one.

And you might be asking, what's with all the random reviews? For one, I just love writing reviews, and want to spread some love. I'm also spending much of my time researching urban subcultures, so all of them are somehow connected to one or more of them. Hence the slightly hipster title ripped off of the Pixies song, Subbacultcha.

You might notice my blog list on the right hand side. Although I truly like each of those blogs-- some of which, like stuffwhitepeoplelike, is just hilARIous--it also speaks about a specific subculture.

Examples: urban outfitters, which is clearly indie/hipster/scenester. The sartorialist, which is somewhat hipster/scenester, but more so yuppie. Postsecret is sort of emo but also nerdy and covers all sorts of subcultures. Mitch Clem's blog, which is punk. The rest are friends' blogs that I find interesting.

I've compiled a list of subcultures (or subbacultchas, if you will). Many blend into one another. I'm also making a chart. *Ahem*: Nerd, indie, hipster, scenester, yuppie, granola, hippie, BoBo, punk, ska, hardcore punk, straight-edge punk, vegan punk, anarchist punk, pop punk, emo, goth, metalhead, folkie, pothead, hardcore metal. If anyone has more ideas, just let me know.

In other news, a friend showed me this funny (though poorly voiced and somewhat tacky) webcomic/video: Hilaaarious.

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