Sunday, September 14, 2008


Visited "Pomery Cave" a champagnery (champagnerie?) as well as some sort of contemporary art museum. Really a magnificent, glorious place. I love the mixing of old and new. All of this is many meters under the earth, in a cave kept at 55 degrees F. Here are my favorites of the (very random, very cool) art pieces:

One room had guitars with finches flying all over the place. The guitars were plugged in (I checked), and there was sawdust on the floor. Very cool. Just my style.

These are just some of the champagne bottles in the Pommery Cave. I liked the way the photo turned out.
Isn't this just so Magritte-inspired? Try to figure out how the shadows look the way they do.Closeup.

A print. Silly guide got in the way.

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