Sunday, April 19, 2009

Publication et al.

First in news, I'm going to have a poem published in the 60th volume of Quarto (a Columbia lit journal)! Hooray! I'll be doing a short reading at 8:30 on the 30th of April, and a reception will follow at Campo at 10. It should be fun! Please come, I would love to see you all (whoever reads this damn thing) there.

Before this, my poetry has only been published in Tablet and the Spectator. I'm climbing the ranks of literary-ness! May never be classy enough for the Columbia Review, though. I'm not quite that cool. Who knows? Next semester I'm hoping to take an intermediate poetry workshop, so with any luck it'll improve. That brings my classload up to 19 credits next semester, the most i've taken so far. Daunting? Very.

I also saw Vampire Weekend AGAIN yesterday when they played at Columbia's Spring Bacchanal. Pictures/description to come shortly.

And now, another daily dose of beauty/stuff I like:

1. Chris Marker's film Sans Soleil, a documentary-type new wave film about a globetrotting filmmaker, and his reflections on each society he comes upon. It's beautifully shot, and the narration is soothing and graceful. But mostly I love it for the extremely detailed descriptions of Japanese culture, and the numerous references to modernist fiction. He compares the tendency of the Japanese to see a sort of melancholic beauty in all things-- material and immaterial, being and nonbeing, dead or alive-- to the mind of a Wandering Jew.

2. David Lynch's music video for Moby's "Shot in the Back of the Head"

3. Random art!

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