Monday, April 27, 2009

Vampire Weekend and Talib Kweli

2 concerts and I'm no closer to going to a veritably exciting Vampire Weekend show. Solid set list, unenthusiastic crowd. You'd think Columbia University students would welcome one of their own with open arms. Alas, no school spirit to be found (still trying to decide whether that's a good or bad thing), inspiring lead singer Ezra Koenig to sarcastically comment, after a particularly quiet rendition of Walcott, "Thanks for singing along, guys."

Then again, maybe it wasn't sarcastic. I was also unfortunately sitting high up on the steps, the lower regions being infiltrated by blanket-wielding sorority girls. I tried to induce dancing in the higher tiers but failed miserably. Also, and I might be speaking to soon, but Vampire Weekend's new songs seem awfully similar to old ones, and even lack a certain catchy-ness... they might be doomed to the indie rock band's fate of a catastrophic sophomore album. So it goes.

Regardless, Bacchanal happened on a stroke of brilliant luck: it was a gorgeous day in the sun-- mid-80s, street fair just outside, the smell of shishkabobs. New York at its finest, procrastination at its peak. I guess I'll have to wait 'til Lollapalooza to see Vampire Weekend; this time I will most certainly push my way to the front, where I will certainly get trampled by people wearing tight purple jeans in 90+ degree weather and 99& humidity (ah, how I miss Chicago).

In other news, Talib Kweli is awesome.

P.S. the guy in the Buddy Holly glasses in the last two pictures is a douche. Let it be known.

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Anonymous said...

had to youtube them. cool band. fun music.

and about that guy who is a douche: thanks, i shall avoid him if i ever see him.