Monday, May 4, 2009

Break between paper-writing

"There was a funny and enjoyable 90 minute production in there–we wish we just could have seen that show."
Well said, Bwog. Varsity Show this year was not nearly as fantastic as last year's. Disappointing, really; generally Varsity Show makes me feel alive and enmeshed in Columbia tradition. Proud, almost (operative word: almost). Yet this year made me feel more detached than ever, as if I needed another reason to feel left out from school spirit hype.

In other news:

1. PUBLICATION: Another one of my poems will be published in New Poetry at Columbia! Yippedee-doo. No, really, I'm quite excited. Especially since I never thought anything I've written would be viewed as "new" poetry, although they did pick the most enigmatic and experimental piece of the bunch, which I wrote exactly a year ago. The New Poetry should be out in the fall, hopefully.

2. MUSIC: The Pitchfork and Lollapalooza lineups look fantastic this year, and I'll be gosh-darn'd it if I don't go to both of those crazy things. Money down the drain, yes, but it will be a fun summer regardless. And might even make up for the fact that I'll have to spend another gorgeous Chicago summer in Uptown instead of Greektown like I planned. More concerts I look forward to attending: the Decemberists in Milwaukee, which should be a hilarious 24-hr diner adventure, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Riviera (I cannot even express how excited I am to see Karen O live). Also, possibly Metric at the Metro (no pun, although I wonder if they'll be investing in creative advertising with that name). That last video, by the way, is currently on loop on my playlist (I am obsessed!).

3. COMICS: Instead of writing my papers I spent all day catching up on webcomics between writing paragraphs: specifically, 8:1, set in the heart of the most wonderful city in the world (Chicago, dur). The art is also, well, art. No tablets, no photoshop manipulation. Just ink on paper. It's rejuvenating, emotive... a lot like Japanese calligraphy, actually (which I'm writing my paper on right now. Also quite obsessed).

Ahhh, skeevy Chicago diners at 2:30 AM. Nostalgia!
Ok, it's a little emo, but work with me here. Emo/punk, if such an oxymoronical classification doesn't make your little hipster head explode. Contradictions! Also the thesis of my British Modernism Paper. Gosh, I think my little English major brain just imploded.


I've seen these plastered all over SoHo. Alas, no fun for me until after finals week. Freedom is only a little over than a week away!

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