Monday, May 25, 2009

A Softer World

I've recently begun reading A Softer World again, which I always describe as sortofawebcomicbutnot. It's a pretty fascinating experiment: a writer (Joey Comeau) and a photographer (Emily Horne) collaborate to make miniature stories built around three polaroid-type pictures and text. It's always the same format. Only for a brief period of time was there a cohesive day-to-day plot structure. It's more of an experiment in the spinning of a tale via what is often no more than five or six words. Some of them have a dark, nearly perverse humor. Some are witty and bizarre. It's always balanced between emotive and lighthearted, and always somehow unexpected. I would say ironic, in its most basic definition-- the appearance of an unexpected result-- but even that label wouldn't suit the peculiarity of A Softer World.

Some of my favorites:

And, just for kicks, I'll throw in a postsecret:

Yay. This makes me very happy.

Office job starts tomorrow, and the week of concerts (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Decemberists, Gogol Bordello) commences! Here goes.

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