Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Comic 5, Freud Freud Freud

Ok, so I'm a little obsessed with Freud. In my Shakespeare class I fear that I am becoming the resident Freudian. My senior thesis is (crossing fingers here) going to use toooons of Freud to analyze D. H. Lawrence, a project I'm actually getting really excited about. My comic is called "Columbia & its Discontents," so that's number 4... also I've had this weird urge to buy a bowtie, for reasons I don't really understand. You can interpret that any Freudian way you wish.

Going for more of a New Yorker-y look with this comic, though the random vignettes kind of destroy that. I was wary about using my first name, but I figure that a) most people don't even read the goddamn Spec, let alone the comic strip at the bottom left corner of the Opinion page, and b) who knows? I might become famous. Alas, nobody reads the Spec (for good reason).

Also, I've really gotta work on my handwriting.


Lucy said...


lucy thinks this is her favorite one yet and she doesn't even have facebook.

Lockeed said...

That one made me laugh out loud. So true too...