Monday, October 5, 2009

Michael Moore

I’ve stopped going to Michael Moore movies because even though I agree with him politically, his approach is juvenile and offensive. I can feel myself turned off as I watch them, and I agree with him! Imagine how someone who might be on the fence feels! I wish he’d stop and let someone else more effective and subtle step in. It’s too bad, because Roger and Me was actually quite funny and moving. Can’t say that for his more recent works.
--Comment on New York Times website, to Judith Warner's fascinating editorial "The Shame Game"

A good comment, I think. The exact same thing happened to me. As a sophomore in high school, I loved Michael Moore. I saw Bowling for Columbine three times, and then went out and bought the DVD (which is, by the way, scratched beyond recognition. RIP, old friend). I read Stupid White Men and bought Dude, Where's my Country? which was slightly disappointing in comparison to the former. I was a fan. Then Fahrenheit 9/11 happened. I saw it opening day (of course), but absolutely hated it. But then I thought, "Ok, one movie, sure. The next will undoubtedly be better. Michael Moore still has it." That year he was on Rolling Stone's list of the most influential people in America.

And then Sicko, which I STILL DID NOT LIKE even though health care is my #1 issue (#2 is education, #3 social welfare, #4 civil liberties). I thought it was silly. Juvenile. And even incorrect. I agreed with it completely, but what is the point? Yelling at people repeatedly isn't an effective form of rhetoric. And Capitalism, A Love Story? I'd rather not, especially since I like and agree with the guy. I'd just rather not see a film I will inevitably dislike and that will inevitably frustrate me.

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