Sunday, May 9, 2010

First year of college, summation.

From bwog/youtube. A song created by a Columbia freshman about the Lit Hum syllabus, also serving as an additional study guide (supposedly?). Brilliant. Must reblog. Must must. I also like how this kid ends it with stating "2:15 AM!" with a perplexed, incredulous expression. Oh boy do I know that feeling (except I don't channel my study-ennui into creative projects but instead spend hours re-reading webcomics such as "C'est la Vie" and "Girls with Slingshots". Two years ago I spent finals week watching all of the Daria seasons on YouTube, and last semester I spent watching many episodes of the Weekenders...).

In a school spirit mood. Odd! Perhaps something to do with the less than 2 weeks (actually, 10 days) I have remaining on this bizarre, overly-landscaped, unbearably stressful yet lovable ol' campus)...

Also, I'm strange and take pictures of books I use to write essays. But is this really so weird, really?

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