Monday, April 5, 2010

End of Hipsters?

Funny article from Salon about the End of Hipsters. Not really convinced that the age of hipsterdom is growing to a close... only that the movement has become less elitist and has a more pronounced range. Hippies didn't only live in San Francisco, did they? San Francisco was just the Mecca of Hippie. I guess Williamsburgh (and I'll also add the Lower East Side to this mix) is just the Mecca of Hipsterdom.

Then again, the article has a good point. There's nothing bitingly clever about calling someone a hipster anymore (not that there was anything particularly clever about it). Everyone in their lower 20's is a hipster to some extent if they're vaguely fashion-conscious.

Even better than that mediocre article is this hilarious photo spread from Paste magazine. Look how far they've gone! From skulls and eyeliner to headbands and iPhones. Of course it is all in good fun; I'm guilty of many of the things the spread mocks: wearing bandannas, keffiyehs (but NOT in the summer, thankyou), an obsession with vintage dresses, bikes, plaid shirts... but somehow I feel like I wear these things unironically. These are just the fashions of the times, I suppose.

In other news: getting a poem published in the Sand Canyon Review.
(let's hope this link doesn't get into the wrong hands...)


Frances said...

hehe. nice articles. maybe what's over is the obsession with (false) irony? let's hope so!

also, what a coincidence that you're also reading julian of norwich. i'm actually reading it for my grad seminar: theories of embodiment. we've been discussing temporality/distance for months. i love it!!

no, no one has attempted to film her "showings" ... i hope! i was just wondering if we can only really appreciate her visions by reading them and thereby taking them into our own imagination (rather than by seeing them). and if so, then we reinforce distance!

also, ps. i'll be in film school but since you'll be doing a ph.d i swear i'll be badgering you for what to read to stay abreast with academic theory. oh i will oh i will!

Julia said...

That class sounds incredible!!! I will give you all David Damrosch has to offer on the awesomeness of the current state of literary criticism as long as you fill me in on the world of contemporary cinema! Boston --> NYC, NYC--> Boston.

Also I might take your advice and do a FVS (film and visual studies) concentration?? We shall see!