Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Information is beautiful

Getting a total kick out of this website:! Information really is a shocking, horrible, incredible, beautiful thing. Ok, being a little hyperbolic here, but it's pretty great!

Take, for example, this log of phrases on google that come up when you type "How do I get my girlfriend to..." Oh, gender relations. Most of them were to be expected but I couldn't help but get a tiny bit bleary-eyed over "trust me again" or "forgive me". Sociocultural gender normative roles are fun!

And HA. How... expected. For any boys out there looking to try internet dating, I highly recommend borrowing your buddy's golden retriever.

And ooooh, Beatles kaleidoscope. Makes me want to get out my Beatles records and see if I can recognize whatever the heck a diatonic scale sounds like. Help? Also I have to listen to Revolver again. That kaleidoscope/icon is particularly beautiful!

These were just the most "cutesy" ones I could find. Many are quite chilling. All beautiful!


LadyElectron said...

just goes to show, you can graph whatever you put your mind to!


Ed Choy Moorman said...

the beatles image link is broken.